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About us

Kuomiokoski Ltd. is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in Finland. We have been in business since 1928. We operate in the village of Kuomiokoski, located in South-Eastern Finland.

The company started its operations by manufacturing insoles and gradually extended to the manufacturing of slippers, different kinds of shoe components and ready made shoes. In 1989 the first kuoma® children’s winterboots were produced and in 1990’s kuoma® winterboots gained wide popularity in Finland as winter footwear for children. After this their popularity has steadily grown and kuoma® boots have conquered also the neighbouring countries.


Nowadays our main products are kuoma® winter and sports footwear and insoles. We manufacture also different kinds of plastic and wooden products, such as paint brush handles.

The craftsmanship and skills developed during the years as well as continuos product development ensure the compatibility of the footwear and the Nordic climate. Kuoma® footwear is known for comfort, lightness and quality.

The Finnish Key flag, a symbol of Finnish origin

All kuoma® footwear products are produced in Finland and they have received the Finnish Key flag recognition for being a Finnish product. High quality materials are used in the production of the footwear and quality control is an important part of the manufacturing process in several phases.


Kuoma® sports footwear have changeable insoles and separate removable middle insoles. The KVD-system enables variable dimensions inside the shoe. In addition, the KVD-system enables the use of personal ortopedic insoles.


Kuoma® with NUVA®

In kuoma® footwear we use for the textile uppers materials with Nuva® treatment. The Nuva® treatment gives the shoe good protection against dirt and moisture.


Detailed information about kuoma

  • light, extremely warm Finnish footwear for winter use.
  • velcro, boot and snowlock models, lace up ankle boots.
  • different colour and pattern combinations available.
  1. All models feature durable leather or microfibre reinforcements impregnated against damp.
  2. The sturdy, durable, hardwearing, flexible, thermally insulated PU outsole is moulded directly on to the upper to bond better than a glued outsole. The profile of the outsole is designed especially to reduce the risk of sliping.
  3. Warm, removable insole with rough under surface to prevent “rolling” under the foot.
  4. Hardwearing, durable, moisture and dirt repellent surface material.
  5. Elastic heel counter bonded straight on to the outsole for heel support.
  6. 3M-Scotchlite® reflective strips front and back for extra safety.
  7. Clear size label with name space (children’s models).
  8. Layer of thermal insulation foam, with closed cell structure to prevent water absorption, under surface material (product dries quickly).
  9. Warm, durable quality inner lining made of pile.
  10. Double stitching to provide extra strength in seams subject to tough wear and tear.

Machine or hand washable. Drying and washing temperature 40°C max. Shoes made of nubuck and felt boots do not tolerate washing.

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